Rolling Rock (E)

PBR (E, N)

Fat Tire(E)

Tin Roof Parade Ground Porter (Seasonal) (E)

Guinness (E)

Magic Hat (N)

Shock Top (E)


Coming soon...

Bourbon Street TKO (E, N, P)
A tropical sensation! 190, 151 Rum, Jamaican Rum, Vodka, and Juices

Strawberry (E, N, P)
Delightfully fresh! Strawberries, and Rum

Margarita (E, N, P)
Tequila, Lime, and Triple Sec frozen to perfection

Pina Colada (E, N)
Refreshing colonut, Rum, and Pineapple

Tropicolada (E, N, P)
Tantalizing fruit juices, Banana, Rum, and Pineapple

White Russian (E, N, P)
Coffee, Milk, and Vodka (Try this with Hershey's Syrup!!)

Cajun Lemonade (E, N, P)
Refreshingly tart! Lemonade, Vodka, and 190

190 Jazz (E)
Jazz is up with this fruity cocktail. 190, Rum

Long Island Tea (E)
Frozen classic drink with a kick. 190, Rum, Vodka

Sex on the Beach (E, N, P)
190, Vodka, Fruit Juice, and a touch of Cranberry

Egg Nog (Seasonal) (E, N, P)
Enjoy a classic drink with a twist during the holiday season. Whiskey and Spiced Rum

Enjoy a wide variety of cocktails and shots made from our extensive liquor menu.